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Install and configure dnsmasq.


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Installs the dnsmasq package. Depending on the [:dnsmasq][:enable_dns] and [:dnsmasq][:enable_dhcp] attributes it includes the dns and dhcp recipes respectively.


Includes the default recipe and writes the contents of the node[:dnsmasq][:dhcp] attribute hash to /etc/dnsmasq.d/dhcp.conf. Here is an example of the necessary attributes for DHCP with TFTP enabled:

'dnsmasq' => {
  'enable_dhcp' => true,
  'dhcp' => {
    'dhcp-authoritative' => nil,
    'dhcp-range' => 'eth0,,,12h',
    'dhcp-option' => '3', #turns off everything except basic DHCP
    'domain' => 'lab.atx',
    'interface' => 'eth0',
    'dhcp-boot' => 'pxelinux.0',
    'enable-tftp' => nil,
    'tftp-root' => '/var/lib/tftpboot',
    'tftp-secure' => nil


Includes the default and manage_hostsfile recipes, then writes the content of the node[:dnsmasq][:dns] attribute hash to /etc/dnsmasq.d/dns.conf.


Loads the dnsmasq data bag managed_hosts item and merges it with any nodes in the [:dnsmasq][:managed_hosts] attribute, then writes them out to /etc/hosts/ via the hosts_file cookbook.


Data Bag

If you need manage your DNS hosts you may use the dnsmasq data bag managed_hosts item. It takes the form:

    "id": "managed_hosts",
    "maps": {
      "": "",
      "": ["", ""]


  • [:dnsmasq][:enable_dns] whether to enable the DNS service, default is true
  • [:dnsmasq][:enable_dhcp] whether to enabled the DHCP service, default is false
  • [:dnsmasq][:managed_hosts] hash of IPs and hostname/array of hostnames for the manage_hostfile recipe, default is empty
  • [:dnsmasq][:managed_hosts_bag] name of the data bag item, default is managed_hosts
  • [:dnsmasq][:dhcp] = hash of settings and values for the /etc/dnsmasq.d/dhcp.conf, default is empty
  • [:dnsmasq][:dhcp_options] = list of options to be added to the /etc/dnsmasq.d/dhcp.conf (ie. ['dhcp-host=80:ee:73:0a:fa:d9,crushinator,']), default is empty.
  • [:dnsmasq][:dns] hash of settings and values for the /etc/dnsmasq.d/dns.conf, defaults are
  'no-poll' => nil,
  'no-resolv' => nil,
  'server' => ''
  • [:dnsmasq][:dns_options] = list of options to be added to the /etc/dnsmasq.d/dns.conf, default is empty.


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