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This cookbook installs and configures the xinetd internet service daemon. It also provides an LWRP for managing xinetd services.


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This cookbook has been tested on Centos and Ubuntu.

Chef Version

Chef 15.3+



The xinetd_service resource allows you to define and enable xinetd services. For example:

xinetd_service "discard" do
  id "discard-stream"
  type "INTERNAL"
  wait false
  socket_type "stream"
  action :enable

All options supported in xinetd 2.3.14 are currently supported by this provider.

Note that no type checking is done for attribute values. Values are rendered directly into the xinetd configuration file for that service. Array's are coerced to space separated strings while true and false are converted to "yes" and "no", respectively.

The xinetd_service provider will attempt to relaod the xinetd service. Including this cookbooks default recipe before using it will ensure that such a service exists.


The default recipe uses the following attributes to render the default xinetd.conf configuration block. See xinetd.conf(5) for their meanings. Boolean values are translated to "yes" and "no" before being rendered and Array's are coerced to space separated strings. Currently, the default attribute values are taken from the example configuration in the xinetd source repository.

  • default['xinetd']['defaults']['log_type']
  • default['xinetd']['defaults']['bind']
  • default['xinetd']['defaults']['per_source']
  • default['xinetd']['defaults']['umask']
  • default['xinetd']['defaults']['log_on_success']
  • default['xinetd']['defaults']['log_on_failure']
  • default['xinetd']['defaults']['v6only']
  • default['xinetd']['defaults']['only_from']
  • default['xinetd']['defaults']['no_access']
  • default['xinetd']['defaults']['passenv']
  • default['xinetd']['defaults']['instances']
  • default['xinetd']['defaults']['disabled']
  • default['xinetd']['defaults']['enabled']
  • default['xinetd']['defaults']['banner']
  • default['xinetd']['defaults']['banner_success']
  • default['xinetd']['defaults']['banner_fail']
  • default['xinetd']['defaults']['groups']
  • default['xinetd']['defaults']['cps']
  • default['xinetd']['defaults']['max_load']

The builtin_services recipe uses the following attributes to determine which of the builtin xinetd services to configure and enable. All are true by default.

  • default['xinetd']['builtin_services']['chargen-stream']['enabled']
  • default['xinetd']['builtin_services']['chargen-dgram']['enabled']
  • default['xinetd']['builtin_services']['daytime-stream']['enabled']
  • default['xinetd']['builtin_services']['daytime-dgram']['enabled']
  • default['xinetd']['builtin_services']['discard-stream']['enabled']
  • default['xinetd']['builtin_services']['discard-dgram']['enabled']
  • default['xinetd']['builtin_services']['echo-stream']['enabled']
  • default['xinetd']['builtin_services']['echo-dgram']['enabled']
  • default['xinetd']['builtin_services']['time-stream']['enabled']
  • default['xinetd']['builtin_services']['time-dgram']['enabled']
  • default['xinetd']['builtin_services']['tcpmux-server']['enabled']



Installs the xinetd package, renders a basic configuration file, and starts the xinetd service.


This recipe configures stream and datagram services that xinetd implements internally:

  • echo
  • time
  • daytime
  • chargen
  • discard
  • tcpmux-server

By default this recipes configures all services. Individual services can be disabled by using the appropriate attributes (see above.)


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