Partial Config File

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Partial Resource - _config_file

Provides properties to control the generation of the HAProxy config file.

Introduced: v11.0.0


NameTypeDefaultDescriptionAllowed Values
userStringhaproxySet to override haproxy user, defaults to haproxy
groupStringhaproxySet to override haproxy group, defaults to haproxy
config_dirString/etc/haproxyThe directory where the HAProxy configuration residesValid directory
config_dir_modeString0750Set to override haproxy config dir mode, defaults to 0750
config_fileString/etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfgThe HAProxy configuration fileValid file name
config_file_modeString0640Set to override haproxy config file mode, defaults to 0640
cookbookStringhaproxyTemplate source cookbook for the haproxy configuration file
templateStringhaproxy.cfg.erbTemplate source file for the haproxy configuration file