Jenkins Credentials



  • Install version 1.6 or higher of the credentials plugin (opens in a new tab) to use the Jenkins credentials resource.

  • In version 4.0.0 of this cookbook this resource was changed so that credentials are referenced by their ID instead of by their name. If you are upgrading your nodes from an earlier version of this cookbook ( <= 3.1.1 ), use the credentials resource and do not have explicit IDs assigned to credentials, you will need to go into the Jenkins UI, find the auto-generated UUIDs for your credentials, and add them to your cookbook resources.


  • :create
  • :delete

Both actions operate on the credential resources idempotently. It also supports why-run mode.

jenkins_credentials is a base resource that is not used directly. Instead there are resources for each specific type of credentials supported.


Use of the credential resource requires a unique id property. The resource uses this ID to find the credential for future modifications, and it is an immutable resource once the resource is created within Jenkins. This ID is also how you reference the credentials in other Groovy scripts (i.e. Pipeline code).

The username property (also the name property) corresponds to the username of the credentials on the target node.

You may also specify a description which is useful in credential identification.

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