Iis Certificate Binding

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Binds a certificate to an HTTP port to enable TLS communication.


  • :create - creates or updates a binding.
  • :delete - deletes a binding.


  • cert_name - name attribute. The thumbprint(hash) or subject that identifies the certificate to be bound.
  • name_kind - indicates the type of cert_name. One of :subject (default) or :hash.
  • address - the address to bind against. Default is (all IP addresses). One of:
    • IP v4 address
    • IP v6 address [::1]
    • Host name
  • port - the port to bind against. Default is 443.
  • app_id - the GUID that defines the application that owns the binding. Default is the values used by IIS.
  • store_name - the store to locate the certificate in. One of:
    • MY (Personal)
    • CA (Intermediate Certification Authorities)
    • ROOT (Trusted Root Certification Authorities)
    • TRUSTEDPUBLISHER (Trusted Publishers)
    • CLIENTAUTHISSUER (Client Authentication Issuers)
    • REMOTE DESKTOP (Remote Desktop)
    • TRUSTEDDEVICES (Trusted Devices)
    • WEBHOSTING (Web Hosting)
    • AUTHROOT (Third-Party Root Certification Authorities)
    • TRUSTEDPEOPLE (Trusted People)
    • SMARTCARDROOT (Smart Card Trusted Roots)
    • TRUST (Enterprise Trust)


# Bind the first certificate matching the subject to the default TLS port
iis_certificate_binding "" do
# Bind a cert from the CA store with the given hash to port 4334
iis_certificate_binding "" do
    cert_name    "d234567890a23f567c901e345bc8901d34567890"
    name_kind    :hash
    store_name    "CA"
    port        4334
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